HR Operations

Our recruitment process goes beyond the search for job seekers to match the vacant positions but finding cultural fits for every available opening. At PoweredUp we are always proud of the quality of our recruitment service.

We take time to understand the way things are done at the client’s organization and deploy resources to finding a good fit that will match the organizational values.

The blend of financial and non-financial reward is fundamental to attracting, retaining and motivating people.

This is a very important factor that affects the quality of hire in every organization. The ability to carefully design a “comp and ben” policy that suits both employer and employees alike is a critical success factor that also affect motivation and retention to a great deal.

Failure to get this right may lead to high employee turnover and an increased cost of hire, spend more time on induction and training.

We take care of the full 9 yards of payroll processing from the inputting of monthly payroll changes to the actual processing from Gross to Net, transfer of Net pay (salaries) to employees’ bank accounts, and all other statutory remittances in Nigeria.

Read More: Payroll in Nigeria has lots of peculiarities. We utilize our fully indigenous Onyx Software, an intelligent payroll software that calculates PAYE in accordance with – – The Law of the Federation of Nigeria – – the Personal Income Tax Amendment (PITAM) Act 2011.

Our hands-on experience has kept us abreast with happenings in and around the payroll Tax (PAYE), Pension, National Housing Fund (NHF), Industrial Training Fund (ITF), National Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Annual Tax Filings and PAYE audits.

We take of the stress of registration and remittances of all payroll related statutory remittances. With our payroll outsourcing, we can remit tax – PAYE to all states in Nigeria. With us, your organization can be saved from paying fines for being on the other side of the Nigeria Law.

Training is not worth it until learning has taken place. We train to add knowledge, which spurs every participant to its application which in-turn provides a visible and improved performance on and off the job.

PoweredUp Sales Training

Organizations today needs/wants increased sales, top and bottom-line,. How? That means more of your commodity, product or service must be exchanged for money!!!

A lot are finding it difficult to get a bigger slice of the pie. Why? Stagnated sales, inability to increase customer base, incompetence of seller to convert a prospect to a client.

PoweredUp Sales training can help your organization in getting this right.

With our wide range of sales training from Basic, Intermediate, to Advance. We teach the essentials that delivers measurable results.

Book an appointment with us today to discuss any training of interest or from the abridged list below:

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Essentials of Sales
  • Presentation Skills
  • Planning & Executing Sales Strategies
  • Essentials of Sales Management
  • Telemarketing
  • Business Writing
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership and Sales.

Drivers Academy has been specially crafted to teach driving morale and simulate safe driving skills. Our academy, through our coaching classes, groom drivers to be professionals on wheels.

The Nigerian economy is emerging, more investments are coming into the country and this comes with a concern to the investor/foreigner and this border around safety on and off the road.

Advance with “Self-Mastery”-2n