HR Technology

HR Technology

Whenever a new technology disrupts an industry, there is a huge wave of optimism around the immense possibilities and innovations brought about by the technology. It’s only when the excitement settles down that we begin to see through the possibilities and look at the challenges that will arise either while implementing the technology or in the post-implementation phase. In the current business landscape no one can deny the importance and impact of HR technology as far reaching. However, we must also keep in mind the various risks, and hurdles involved in the path of its successful implementation. We already know what drives the HR technology adoption.

Our Onyx is intuitive enough to provide your organization with;

  • Payroll Software– Great for all sizes. Both Large and SMEs with a single or multiple locations. Easy to manage for single or multiple users assigned with various administrative priviledges.
  • HR software. Intelligent way of managing the people.
  • Tailor made ERP
  • Onyx Pay Manager to manage all your payments – – Salaries, Taxes, Pension plus other statutory remittances through an API interface with any company bank account of choice.

Onyx can be deployed as;

  • A full SaaS Platform housed in Secure data centers and accessible from anywhere with an internet enabled device.
  • Service on your company’s internet server or
  • A software installed on a computer system.