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List Of Art Courses Offered In Unijos

The University of Jos in Nigeria offers a variety of art courses for students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for different areas of the art industry, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, graphics design, photography, and multimedia.

Here are some of the art courses offered at the University of Jos:

1. Fine Art:

This program gives students a solid foundation in the visual arts, including painting, sculpture, and printmaking. They also learn about art theories, art history, and contemporary art practices.

2. Visual Arts Education:

This program prepares students to become art teachers in primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions. It focuses on developing teaching skills, knowledge of art history and theory, and practical art skills.

3. Graphics Design:

Students in this program learn the knowledge and skills required for a career in graphic design. They learn to create visual communications that convey messages to specific audiences using different mediums.

4. Art History:

This program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the history of art, including its origins, evolution, and cultural significance. Students explore various art forms and study the works of famous artists throughout history.

5. Sculpture:

Students in this program develop their skills in sculpture, including modeling, carving, and casting. They learn to work with materials like wood, metal, and stone to create three-dimensional artworks.

6. Printmaking:

This program teaches students various printmaking techniques, such as etching, lithography, and screen printing. They also learn about the history and theory of printmaking and are encouraged to experiment with different materials and techniques.

7. Painting:

Students in this program learn how to create two-dimensional artworks using techniques and materials like oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pastels. They study the history and theory of painting and are encouraged to explore different styles and techniques.

8. Multimedia:

This program focuses on developing students’ skills in digital media production, including video, animation, and sound. They learn to use software programs to create multimedia projects and explore the intersection of technology and art.

9. Photography:

Students in this program learn how to use a camera to capture visual images that communicate ideas and emotions. They study different types of photography, such as portrait, landscape, and documentary, and are encouraged to experiment with various techniques and styles.

10. Ceramics:

This program teaches students how to create functional and decorative objects using clay. They learn techniques like hand-building, wheel-throwing, and glazing, and have the opportunity to explore different forms and styles.


These courses offer students a diverse range of artistic skills and knowledge to pursue their passion for the arts and build successful careers in the field.

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