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List of Art Courses Offered in University of Benin

The University of Benin offers a variety of art programs for students interested in creative fields. Whether you’re into visual arts, performing arts, or design, there are options to suit your interests and talents.

Visual Arts

The Department of Fine and Applied Arts offers programs in painting, sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking. You’ll study art history and theory, develop technical skills, and create your own works of art. Classes are held in studios and workshops with plenty of hands-on learning.

Performing Arts

If you have a passion for music, dance, or theater, check out the Department of Music, Creative Arts and Theatre Studies. You can earn a degree in disciplines like music education, ethnomusicology, choreography, or dramatic arts. Performance opportunities abound, from plays and musicals to dance showcases and choir concerts.


For creative types interested in design, consider enrolling in the Department of Industrial Design. Their programs focus on product design, visual communication design, interior design, and fashion design. You’ll take courses in areas like form development, computer-aided design, textile science, and the history of design.

With a variety of art programs to choose from, the University of Benin has something for any student pursuing their creative passion. Exploring different artistic fields can lead to an exciting and rewarding career. Now, go follow your muse.

Full List Of ART Courses Offered in University of Benin

  • Adult Education
  • Fine and Applied Arts
  • Drama/Dramatic/Performing Arts
  • Linguistics
  • Edo Language
  • English Language and Literature
  • French Language
  • History
  • International Studies and Diplomacy
  • Linguistics and African Languages
  • Mass communication
  • Philosophy
  • Religious studies
  • Environmental Education
  • Law
  • Theatre Art

Detailed List of Art Courses Offered at University of Benin

The University of Benin offers a variety of art courses for students interested in creative and visual arts. Here are some of the main courses offered:

Drawing and Painting

Learn fundamental skills in drawing, painting, and composition. Explore different mediums like pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylics, and oil paint. Develop your own artistic style.


Discover how to create 3D artworks out of materials like clay, plaster, wood, and metal. Study sculpting techniques such as modeling, carving, casting, and assembly. Create sculptures, statues, and other art installations.


Experiment with printmaking methods like etching, lithography, screen printing, and relief printing. Make multiple copies of an artwork by transferring images onto materials such as paper, fabric, and wood.


Develop skills in digital and film photography. Study lighting, framing, and photo editing techniques. Explore genres like portrait, landscape, street, documentary, and conceptual photography.

Video and Film Production

Learn all aspects of video production including filming, editing, directing, and screenwriting. Work with digital video cameras and editing software to create short films, documentaries, music videos, and more.

Graphic Design

Apply visual communication skills to areas like publication design, branding, UI/UX design, illustration, and typography. Use design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create graphics, layouts, logos, fonts, and more.


Bring characters and stories to life through the art of animation. Study 2D and 3D animation techniques using software like Maya, ZBrush, and Adobe Animate. Create animations, motion graphics, visual effects, and animated short films.

FAQs About Studying Art at the University of Benin

So you want to study art at UniBen, but have some questions? Here are some common FAQs from prospective art students:

1. What art programs does UniBen offer?

UniBen offers undergraduate degrees in Fine Arts, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Design and Textile Design. They also offer masters degrees in Art History, Visual Arts, and Design. Within each program are concentrations like painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, and more. There’s something for every artistic interest!

2. What are the admission requirements?

To apply for an undergraduate art program, you’ll need a secondary school certificate with credit passes in at least 5 subjects including English Language, Mathematics and any other 3 subjects. For the masters programs, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in a related field of study. Strong artistic skills and a portfolio of your work are valued for admission into any program.

3. What facilities does the Art Department have?

The Art Department has well-equipped studios for painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography and more. There are also design labs, a library and a gallery to exhibit student and faculty work. Resources like digital cameras, projectors, art supplies and tools are available for student use.

4. What career opportunities exist for art graduates?

A degree in art or design from UniBen can open up many career opportunities like:

  • Visual Artist – Painting, sculpture, photography, etc.
  • Graphic Designer – Designing graphics for print, web, multimedia, etc.
  • Art Teacher – Teaching art at primary, secondary or post-secondary levels.
  • Art Therapist – Using art to help people explore emotions and enhance wellbeing.
  • Fashion Designer – Creating original clothing and accessory designs.
  • Interior Designer – Designing functional yet aesthetically pleasing interior spaces.
  • Art Critic/Historian – Analyzing and writing about art.

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An art education provides creative thinking skills useful for many jobs. The opportunities for art majors are abundant, you just have to discover your passion.

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