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List Of Federal Universities In Nigeria That Are Not Under ASUU

In Nigeria, there are different universities, both public and private, that provide education to students. Some public universities are part of ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities), while others are not.

What Is ASUU?

ASUU is a union that represents university academic staff and focuses on their welfare and working conditions. However, not all federal universities in Nigeria are under ASUU.

List Of Federal Universities Under ASUU

Here is a list of federal universities in Nigeria that are not under ASUU:

  1. Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA)
  2. Nigerian Police Academy (NPA)
  3. Nigerian Maritime University (NMU)
  4. Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun (FUPRE)
  5. Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB)
  6. Nigeria French Language Village, Badagry (NFLV)

Benefits Of Federal Universities Not Under ASUU

Studying in federal universities not under ASUU has its benefits:

  1. Structured Curriculum: These universities follow a well-defined curriculum that is not disrupted by strikes or industrial actions, allowing students to complete their studies on time.

  2. Modern Facilities: These universities receive sufficient funding, which enables them to provide modern facilities like laboratories, libraries, and research centers. Students can enjoy a conducive learning environment that supports their academic progress.

  3. Employment Opportunities: Graduates from these universities have access to job opportunities in both the public and private sectors. These universities are recognized for producing skilled graduates sought after by employers.

  4. Quality Education: Federal universities not under ASUU are committed to offering quality education. They have experienced lecturers, use modern teaching methods, and regularly update their curriculum to meet industry needs.

  5. Lower Tuition Fees: These universities generally have lower tuition fees compared to ASUU-affiliated institutions. This makes education more affordable and accessible to students from different backgrounds.

  6. Flexible Academic Calendar: These universities offer a more flexible academic calendar. Students can plan their schedules around internships, part-time jobs, or other activities without major disruptions.


Federal universities in Nigeria that are not under ASUU provide structured education, modern facilities, employment opportunities, quality education, affordable fees, and a flexible academic calendar for students.

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