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List Of Medical Courses Offered In Uniport

Are you in search for the List Of Medical Courses Offered In Uniport?

Luckily! Here’s the list of medical courses offered at the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport):

1. Medicine and Surgery:

This six-year course trains students to become medical doctors. They learn about the human body, diseases, and how to treat patients.

2. Anatomy:

This four-year course focuses on studying the structure and function of the human body, including organs, tissues, and cells.

3. Physiology:

In this four-year course, students learn about how the human body works, including the functions of different organs and systems.

4. Pharmacology:

This four-year course is about studying drugs and their effects on the body, including how they are processed and their potential side effects.

5. Medical Laboratory Science:

This four-year course teaches students how to analyze body fluids and tissues to help diagnose diseases.

6. Nursing Science:

This five-year course trains students to become registered nurses who provide care and support to patients. They learn about various medical topics and nursing techniques.

7. Dentistry:

This six-year course prepares students to become dentists. They learn about oral health, dental procedures, and how to treat dental problems.

8. Radiography:

In this four-year course, students learn about using medical imaging techniques, such as X-rays, to diagnose and treat diseases.

9. Physiotherapy:

This five-year course focuses on using physical therapy to treat physical disabilities and injuries.

10. Public Health:

This four-year course is about studying and addressing public health issues, such as disease prevention, health promotion, and health policies.


These courses provide opportunities for students to pursue careers in the medical field and contribute to healthcare in Nigeria and beyond.

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