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List of Part Time Nursing Schools in Abuja

Attending a part-time nursing program in Abuja has significant benefits and impact it offers.

Before we dive straight into the list of part time Nursing schools in Abuja, let discuss the benefits of attending a part time program.

Benefits of Part Time Nursing School in Abuja

1. Flexibility.

A part-time program allows you to balance your education with work or family responsibilities. You can choose a schedule that fits your needs, taking classes on weekdays, weekends or a mix of both. This flexibility makes it possible for many aspiring nurses to earn a degree.

2. Less disruption.

Part-time study means you can keep working while you advance your education and career. You won’t have to quit your job or make major life changes to go back to school.

3. Support services.

Reputable nursing schools in Abuja offer resources and support for part-time students including:

  • Academic advising to help plan your program and address any challenges.
  • Tutoring and study groups to build your understanding of concepts and connect with peers.
  • Mentorship programs to provide guidance from experienced nurses.
  • Online resources such as video lectures, discussion boards and library databases that can be accessed anytime.

4. Affordability.

Part-time programs are often more budget-friendly since you can continue working while enrolled. Some schools also provide scholarships, grants and student loan options specifically for part-time nursing students to lower the financial burden.

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Top-Ranked Part-Time Nursing Schools in Abuja

Here are some of the top schools to consider:

University of Abuja

The University of Abuja offers a part-time B.Sc. in Nursing that can be completed in 5 years of part-time study. The curriculum covers nursing theory and practice, preparing you to take the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria professional exam. With evening and weekend classes, the flexible schedule is ideal for working nurses.

National Open University of Nigeria

NOUN offers an accredited part-time B.Sc. in Nursing over 5 years of study. The program has a strong focus on community health nursing and covers medical-surgical, obstetric, pediatric, and psychiatric nursing.

Baze University

Baze University’s part-time B.Sc. in Nursing program can be completed in just 3 years of intensive study. The accelerated program is ideal for nurses seeking to fast-track their degree.


With determination, you can complete a part-time nursing degree and open up more career opportunities. Take advantage of the benefits and flexibility part-time study in Abuja provides. Your future as a nurse awaits.

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