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List Of Science Courses Offered In Uniport

Are you in search for the List Of Science Courses Offered In Uniport?

Luckily! Here is the list of science courses offered at the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport) in simple English:

1. Pure and Industrial Chemistry:

This course teaches the fundamental principles of chemistry and its application in industries like petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.

2. Physics:

Students learn about the laws of nature, properties of matter, energy, and their applications in various fields like astrophysics, nuclear physics, and quantum physics.

3. Mathematics and Statistics:

This program focuses on teaching students the basics of mathematics and how it is applied in statistics, including statistical modeling, probability theory, and data interpretation.

4. Microbiology:

Students study microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa, along with their structures, functions, and applications in fields like medicine and biotechnology.

5. Plant Science and Biotechnology:

This course covers the structure, growth, and applications of biotechnology in plants, such as genetic modification and plant breeding.

6. Animal and Environmental Biology:

Students learn about animal diversity, behavior, and their interaction with the environment, including topics like pollution, climate change, and habitat preservation.

7. Geology:

The geology program focuses on the earth’s crust, its composition, evolution, and processes like plate tectonics, volcanism, and erosion. It also covers its applications in mineral exploration and environmental assessment.

8. Computer Science:

This program teaches the basics of computer science, including programming, algorithms, data structures, and software engineering, with applications in fields like artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

9. Biochemistry:

Students study the chemical processes within living organisms, including biomolecules like proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids.

10. Science Laboratory Technology:

This program covers the principles and practices of laboratory science, including the use of laboratory equipment, safety procedures, and quality control.


These courses are part of the Faculty of Science at Uniport, providing students with a strong foundation in various scientific fields and preparing them for careers in research, industries, and other related sectors.

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