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Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing APO School Fees And Courses Offered

The Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing APO has a long and rich history. Founded in 1952, it was named after Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. For over 65 years, the school has been training nurses to serve in rural areas across Nigeria.

Initially, the school only offered a 3-year basic nursing program. Today, it provides both basic (3-year) and post-basic (2-year) nursing programs. The school has graduated over 4,000 nurses since its inception.

The goal of the Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing is to produce competent, dedicated and disciplined nurses to work in primary healthcare settings.

Many notable nurses have graduated from the Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing, including Florence Nwakasi, a former Director of Nursing Services at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital. The school continues to uphold the motto of “Service and Loyalty” through excellence in nursing education.

Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing fees

So, you’ve decided to pursue your nursing education at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing. Excellent choice.

Before you get started, though, you’ll want to make sure you understand the costs involved.

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Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at the Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing vary depending on the program. Check the school website for the school fees.

Additional fees

In addition to tuition, you’ll need to budget for other expenses:

  • Application fee
  • Student fees
  • Course materials
  • Living expenses

With all the potential costs involved, funding your nursing education may seem daunting. But don’t worry, the Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing, as well as the provincial and federal governments offer various scholarships, bursaries, grants, and student loan programs to help make your dream of becoming an RN a financial reality. Talk to the school’s financial aid office to explore all your options.

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Courses Offered at Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing

The Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing APO offers several courses for students pursuing a career in nursing.

Diploma in General Nursing

This three-year diploma program provides you with the knowledge and skills required to become a registered nurse. The curriculum covers areas like:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Fundamentals of nursing
  • Medical-surgical nursing
  • Maternal and child health nursing
  • Community health nursing
  • Nutrition

Upon completion, you’ll be eligible to take the licensure exam to become a registered nurse.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

For those interested in advancing their nursing career, the BSN program allows you to earn a four-year bachelor’s degree.

This program builds upon the diploma and provides additional coursework in areas such as:

  • Nursing research
  • Leadership and management
  • Critical care nursing
  • Geriatric nursing

Graduates of the BSN program will have enhanced career opportunities in nursing education, research, and administration.

Post-Basic Nursing Programs

The school also offers continuing education for registered nurses who want to specialize in certain areas. Programs are offered for critical care nursing, operating room nursing, and community health nursing. These programs provide both theoretical and practical experience to prepare you for nursing roles with greater responsibility.


With a solid foundation in nursing and opportunities for advanced study, the Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing APO has programs suitable for anyone interested in a career as a nurse. The caring and dedicated faculty are there to support you every step of the way.

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