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Inside the State College of Nursing, Hadejia – School Fees, Courses

The Pride of Jigawa

As a nursing student in northern Nigeria, you have the opportunity to receive world-class training at the Jigawa State College of Nursing in Hadejia. Established in 1992, the college has produced over 2,000 nurses who now work in healthcare facilities across Nigeria and beyond. When you enroll in the college, you join a long tradition of excellence and a nurturing community focused on developing skilled and compassionate nurses.

The four-year B.Sc. in Nursing program at the college provides a robust education with both theoretical and practical components. You will study core sciences like anatomy, physiology, and microbiology, as well as nursing courses in medical-surgical, pediatric, psychiatric, and community health nursing. Extensive clinical placements at the Hadejia General Hospital and other healthcare facilities allow you to gain valuable experience providing care to patients under the supervision of experienced nurses and doctors.

Upon graduation, you will be fully prepared to pass the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria professional licensing exam and begin your career as a registered nurse. With the high-quality education and training you will receive at the Jigawa State College of Nursing, you can pursue opportunities in hospitals, clinics, and communities with confidence in your ability to provide skilled and compassionate care. An exciting future in nursing awaits you.

A Legacy of Excellence: The History of the Jigawa State College of Nursing, Hadejia

The Jigawa State College of Nursing, Hadejia, founded in 1988, has a long and distinguished history of training nursing and midwifery professionals. The college initially offered a 3-year diploma in Nursing and Midwifery, and has since expanded its programs to include degrees and postgraduate studies in Nursing Sciences and other health-related fields.

Over the past 30+ years, the college has produced over 3,000 graduates who now work in healthcare facilities across Jigawa State and beyond. The college is renowned for excellence in nursing and midwifery education. Its rigorous training programs are accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, ensuring students develop the essential knowledge, skills, and judgment to meet healthcare needs.

Through a commitment to quality education and a vision to improve public health, the Jigawa State College of Nursing, Hadejia has established itself as a leader in the field. Its legacy of excellence and service lives on in every graduate and the communities they serve.

The Pride of JIgawa

Academic Programs and Student Life

To prepare the next generation of nurses in Jigawa State, the College of Nursing in Hadejia offers both diploma and degree programs in nursing.

Diploma in Nursing

The three-year diploma program educates students in basic nursing skills and knowledge. Students gain hands-on experience during clinical placements at affiliated health facilities. Graduates are equipped to work as professional nurses across various healthcare settings.

Bachelor of Nursing Science

The four-year BNSc program provides students with a strong foundation in nursing theory and practice. The curriculum incorporates general education courses in sciences and humanities as well as focused nursing courses. Students also complete clinical rotations, research projects, and a final-year thesis. BNSc graduates have a broad range of career opportunities as nurse educators, administrators, and advanced practice nurses.

Through a caring community and supportive learning environment, the College prepares students for lifelong careers serving the healthcare needs of citizens across Jigawa State and throughout Nigeria. Graduates join the ranks of nurses advancing health for all.

Innovations and Achievements at the College

Innovations in Nursing Education

The College of Nursing in Hadejia has established itself as a leader in nursing education innovation. It was the first nursing school in Northern Nigeria to offer a four-year BSc in Nursing, paving the way for higher education and advanced practice. The college has also pioneered progressive teaching methods, integrating case studies, simulations, and e-learning into the curriculum. Students gain valuable experience through clinical rotations at the Hadejia General Hospital and community health outreach.

Graduates of the college are at the forefront of improving healthcare across Jigawa State. Over 95% of students find employment within six months of graduating, filling vital roles as registered nurses, midwives, and public health nurses. The college’s emphasis on community-based healthcare has enabled many graduates to secure jobs in rural areas and make a meaningful impact.

Through a commitment to excellence, creativity, and meeting the evolving needs of Nigeria’s healthcare system, the College of Nursing in Hadejia continues to shape the future of nursing in Jigawa State and beyond. Its graduates and innovations are a source of pride for the local community and an inspiration to nursing schools across the region.

Jigawa State College of Nursing, Hadejia school fees

To gain admission into JIgawa State College of Nursing, Hadejia, you will need to pay the required school fees and meet the minimum entry requirements. The school fees cover tuition, registration, examination, and other charges. For the 2020/2021 academic session, the school fees for fresh ND and HND students are:

  • ND 1: N71,000
  • HND 1: N76,000

These fees are subject to change, so you should check the college’s website for the latest information. Some additional charges may apply for late registration, transcript requests, and other services.

Jigawa State College of Nursing Courses

The college offers National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programs in Nursing, as well as Post-Basic Nursing certificates. The ND program takes three years to complete, while the HND takes two years. Admission into any program requires at least five credits in relevant science subjects in WASSCE, NECO or NABTEB, in addition to meeting the cut-off mark.

  • Midwifery
  • Obstetric Nursing:
  • Gynecology
  • Neonatal Care
  • Medicine
  • surgery
  • Community Health
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Nursing ethics

Jigawa State College of Nursing Admission requirement

To gain admission into the JIgawa State College of Nursing, Hadejia, you must meet the following requirements:

Educational Qualifications

Applicants must have at least five credits in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) or its equivalent. Candidates with a National Certificate of Education (NCE) in Science or Health Education may also apply.

Age Requirement

Applicants must be between 17 to 35 years of age for the generic nursing program. Mature candidates may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Registration and Aptitude Test

All applicants must register for and pass an entrance examination organized by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). They must also pass an aptitude test conducted by the college.


Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview where their suitability for the nursing profession will be ascertained.

Medical Report

Applicants must undergo medical screening and present a medical report indicating fitness for the nursing program.


Applicants must provide letters of reference from two referees who must be professionals.

Meeting these admission criteria is necessary to gain entry into the esteemed Jigawa State College of Nursing. If selected, you will have the opportunity to join the ranks of highly skilled nurses contributing to the healthcare sector.

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While the College faces significant challenges, from a lack of funding and resources to attracting and retaining top students and faculty, it continues producing nurses equipped with the knowledge, skills, and compassion to serve communities across Nigeria. Your visit to JIgawa State College of Nursing, Hadejia has shown you the pride, passion, and perseverance of students and staff committed to building a healthier future. Though small, this institution is mighty. Its impact radiates across the state as graduates care for mothers, children, and all those in need of healing and hope. The College’s mission lives on in each nurse it produces. Through their hands, its vision comes to life each and every day.

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