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Things to Buy For Nursing School In Ghana

Starting nursing school? Get ready to stock up on essential academic and clinical supplies. Here’s your ultimate checklist to be fully prepared:

Things To Buy For Nursing School in Ghana

1. Textbooks

You’ll need your core nursing textbooks covering fundamentals, medical-surgical, pediatrics, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology. Used books can save money.

2. Uniforms

Buy at least 2 full uniforms (scrubs and nursing shoes). Make sure the color and style meet your school’s dress code.

3. Watch with second hand

A reliable watch with a seconds hand is a must for checking vital signs. Go for one with a sweeping second hand if possible.

4. Stethoscope

Invest in a quality stethoscope like the Littmann Classic III. This will last through school and your career.

5. Penlight

Keep one handy for neurological assessments.

6. Notebooks and pens

Stock up on spiral notebooks and black or blue pens. Be ready to take thorough notes.

7. Calculator

Get a basic calculator for drug dosage calculations.

8. Name badge

Make sure to have one with your name and school logo.

9. Clinical bag or backpack

Carry your supplies in an organized clinical bag or backpack.

Gear up with these fundamental things and you’ll be set to start nursing classes fully prepared. Focus on learning and let your supplies make the workload easier.

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How to Organize Your Schedule As a Nursing Student

Nursing school requires excellent time management skills. Between classes, studying, assignments, and clinical rotations, things can get chaotic fast.

Stay on top of your demanding schedule with these tips:

  • Invest in a planner or bullet journal. Writing everything down in one spot will help you visualize your time commitments. Choose a planner with plenty of space to track assignments, test dates, clinical schedules, and personal events.
  • Use a calendar app like Google Calendar to sync with your planner. Create separate calendars for school events, clinical rotations, assignments, social commitments and more. Get notifications and reminders about upcoming deadlines.
  • Map out blocks for studying. Don’t just write “Study Pharmacology.” Schedule specific times like “Read Ch. 5 Pharmacology textbook” or “Review drug flashcards.” Setting aside focused blocks helps cement what you learn.
  • Prioritize time-sensitive tasks like assignments. Use productivity techniques like time blocking to tackle big projects in chunks. Schedule appointments with yourself to complete certain sections.
  • Build in small breaks for self-care. Nursing school is intense. Make sure to schedule short breaks to clear your mind, stretch, eat properly, and re-energize. This will boost your efficiency and mental health.

Staying meticulously organized is crucial for success in nursing school. Find a system that works best for you and stick to it.

Having go-to tools like planners, calendars and blocking methods will keep you on track to become an amazing nurse.

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Self-Care Essentials for Nursing School

The demanding coursework and clinical rotations in nursing school can take a toll. Make sure to prioritize caring for yourself too with these self-care essentials:

  • Journaling supplies – Journaling is a great stress reliever and self-reflection tool. Stock up on writing journals, colorful pens and highlighters to make it fun. Decorating your journal can also be a creative outlet.
  • Comfy shoes – As a nursing student you’ll be on your feet a lot! Invest in supportive sneakers or compression socks to give your feet a break.
  • Workout clothes – Schedule time to exercise and clear your head. Having workout clothes and equipment on-hand makes it easier to fit in sweat sessions. Yoga mats, stretchy leggings and breathable tops are workout wardrobe staples.
  • Healthy snacks – Long days on campus or clinical sites mean you need food that provides lasting energy. Pack nutrient-dense snacks like nuts, protein bars, fruits and veggies.
  • Meditation/relaxation aids – Meditating, deep breathing exercises or relaxing with essential oil diffusers can all help you de-stress. Calming activities before bedtime promote better sleep too.
  • Organization system – Get overwhelmed less by staying organized. Use daily planners, binders, file folders, calendar apps, etc. to create systems that work for you.
  • Social support – Don’t isolate yourself when feeling stressed. Spend time nourishing supportive connections with friends who lift you up.


Prioritizing self-care isn’t selfish – it allows you to be your best as both a student and future nurse. Treat yourself with the same compassion that you’ll provide patients one day.

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