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Ajayi Crowther University, Ibadan, school fees, list of courses offered

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As you consider your options for higher education in Nigeria, Ajayi Crowther University in Ibadan should be at the top of your list. This prestigious private university has a long history of academic excellence and innovation. Founded in 2005, Ajayi Crowther University offers over 70 undergraduate and postgraduate programs across five faculties: Agriculture, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Humanities, and Natural Sciences. The university prides itself on providing high quality education at an affordable cost. For aspiring students looking to study at one of the top private universities in Nigeria, Ajayi Crowther University provides an unparalleled learning experience that will prepare you for success in your chosen career field. With state-of-the-art facilities, highly qualified faculty, and a curriculum based on ethical and moral values, Ajayi Crowther University offers an educational experience focused on developing future leaders.

Outline of Ajayi Crowther University in Ibadan

Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) is located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Established in 2005, ACU is a private Christian university affiliated with the Anglican Communion. The university currently has over 7,000 students and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a variety of disciplines.

ACU has six faculties: Arts, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Law, Management Sciences, and Engineering & Technology. The university offers over 50 undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Some of the popular courses of study include Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, English, History and International Relations, Law, Mass Communication, Microbiology, Political Science, Sociology, and Software Engineering.

The university aims to produce graduates with knowledge, skills, and values founded on Christianity. Students are provided opportunities for spiritual, moral and intellectual development through curricular and extracurricular activities. The university has state-of-the-art facilities including lecture theaters, laboratories, a library, health center, cafeteria, and student residential housing.

With its Christian mission and values, affordable tuition, diverse range of programs, and modern facilities, ACU provides students a supportive learning community to pursue their educational goals.

Ajayi Crowther University in Ibadan

Tuition and Fees at Ajayi Crowther University

To attend Ajayi Crowther University, you will need to pay certain tuition and fees. the school fees for Ajayi Crowther University range from ₦120,000 to ₦300,000 per semester, depending on your program of study. Programs like Medicine, Pharmacy, and Engineering tend to cost more.

  • Accommodation: Between ₦40,000 to ₦100,000 per session if staying in a university hostel. Off-campus housing tends to cost more.

Additional fees may apply for certain courses or programs. All fees are paid through bank drafts, online transfers, or direct deposits into the university’s account. A minimum of 60% of tuition must be paid before you can register for classes or exams.

The university offers scholarships and financial assistance for high-achieving and indigent students. You can inquire about bursaries, grants and work-study programs through the Student Affairs unit.

With affordable tuition and opportunities for financial aid, Ajayi Crowther University provides access to quality higher education for students from all backgrounds. By paying the necessary fees on time and taking advantage of available funding options if needed, you can achieve your academic goals at this prestigious institution.

Courses Offered at Ajayi Crowther University

Ajayi Crowther University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs through its various faculties and departments.

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Administration
  3. Economics
  4. Computer Science
  5. English
  6. Mass Communication
  7. History and International Studies
  8. Religious Studies
  9. Banking and Finance
  10. Marketing
  11. Biochemistry
  12. Microbiology
  13. Physics
  14. Chemistry
  15. Mathematics
  16. Political Science
  17. Sociology
  18. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
  19. Law
  20. Architecture
  21. Estate Management
  22. Urban and Regional Planning
  23. Civil Engineering
  24. Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  25. Computer Engineering
  26. Mechanical Engineering
  27. Christian Religious Studies
  28. Information and Communication Technology
  29. Media and Communication Studies

Admission Requirements

Five (5) credits in SSCE/GCE include English, Mathematics, Economics and two subjects of Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Biology, Agricultural Science and Technical Drawing. Higher School Certificate (HSC)/GCE holders

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The Faculty of Social Sciences coordinates programs in Economics, Geography, Mass Communication, Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology. It awards Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics, Geography, Mass Communication, Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology. It also offers postgraduate programs leading to Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in some of these disciplines.

In summary, Ajayi Crowther University provides a wide range of academic programs in the arts, humanities, education, law, sciences, and social sciences at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These programs are designed to produce graduates equipped with the knowledge and skills required to contribute to national development.


As a prospective student evaluating Ajayi Crowther University as an option for your tertiary education, you now have a solid overview of what the school offers. With a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across diverse disciplines, competitive tuition rates and multiple scholarship opportunities, ACU aims to provide an affordable, high-quality learning experience that equips students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in today’s global marketplace. By choosing ACU, you are choosing an institution committed to developing future leaders who will shape Nigeria and impact the world. The next step is to take a virtual tour, sit in on a lecture, and speak with current students. Soon you may find yourself walking through the gates of this prestigious university, ready to embark on a transformational journey of learning and growth. The future is yours to shape – now go out and make it happen!


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