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Ho Nursing Training College Fees, Cut Off Mark and Admission Requirements 2024

As one of Ghana’s top nursing college, Ho Nursing Training College is committed to providing quality education and hands-on experience.

Students participate in clinical rotations at nearby hospitals and health centers, gaining valuable on-the-job training under the guidance of experienced nurses and doctors. Rotations in areas like the emergency room, operating theater, maternity ward, and children’s ward prepare students for a career serving the diverse health needs of communities.

Ho Nursing Training School Fees

School fees at Volta’s top nursing college aren’t cheap, but the education is top-notch. For locals, tuition runs around GHC per semester. If you’re an international student, fees increase to 1,500 GHC per semester.

While the tuition may seem steep, the school does offer scholarships and financial aid for those who qualify. They also have payment plans so you can pay the fees over the course of the semester rather than all at once.

Additional costs

Beyond tuition, you’ll need to budget for:

  • Uniforms: About 200 GHC for 2 sets of scrubs and a lab coat.
  • Supplies: 100-200 GHC for things like a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, textbooks, etc.
  • Housing: 200-500 GHC per month if living off-campus. On-campus housing is available for 100-300 GHC per month.
  • Meals: 200-500 GHC per month. On-campus meal plans start at $150/month.

While the total cost of becoming a nurse in Volta isn’t small, the career opportunities and job security that come with a nursing degree make the investment worthwhile.

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Cut Off Mark at Ho Nursing Training College

To gain admission into nursing training college Ho, you’ll need to meet the cut off mark. This simply means achieving a minimum score that allows you to be considered for the nursing program.

The cut off mark varies each year depending on the number of applicants, available spots, and entrance exam scores. Typically, those with higher marks on the core science subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics will fare better. Some years, the cut off has been as high as an A or 80%, while other years it has been around a B or 65%.

With the increasing demand for nurses worldwide, the cut off mark is an important first step to launching your nursing career.

Nursing Training Courses Offered

The college offers a 3-year diploma in General Nursing, as well as post-basic courses in areas like Midwifery, Critical Care, Perioperative Nursing and Public Health. Students in the General Nursing program learn skills like patient assessment, first aid, pharmacology, and community health education.

Post-basic courses allow registered nurses to specialize in a particular field. The Midwifery program, for example, trains nurses to provide skilled care for women during pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery. Critical Care Nursing prepares nurses to care for seriously or chronically ill patients using advanced life support technology.

Graduates of the college’s nursing programs are highly sought after, as there is a shortage of nurses in Volta Region and throughout Ghana. A nursing degree or diploma opens up many career opportunities, with nurses finding work in government hospitals, private clinics, non-profits and more.

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Admission Requirements

To gain admission to Volta’s top nursing college, you’ll need to meet some basic requirements.

Academic Requirements

You’ll need a senior high school diploma with good grades in science subjects. The nursing program is competitive, so aim for at least a B average. Required courses include biology, chemistry, math, and English. Your SHS transcript and WASSCE or equivalent exam results are also required.

Applicants who excel in the sciences and want to become registered nurses have the best chance of being admitted to the program. Strong communication skills and a passion for helping others are also important.

Entry Form Ho Nursing Training

To apply for the nursing program at Volta’s top nursing college, you’ll need to submit an entry form.

  • Fill out the application for admission, providing your personal details and education history. The college prefers applicants with a high school diploma and grades in science and health-related subjects.
  • Include a statement of purpose explaining your interest in nursing and desire to help others. Discuss any relevant work, volunteer, or life experiences that have prepared you for this career path.
  • Request letters of recommendation from two teachers or employers who can speak to your abilities and character. These references should highlight traits like compassion, responsibility, and critical thinking all essential for a career in nursing.
  • Schedule an interview so the admission committee can evaluate your communication skills, motivation, and commitment to the nursing profession. Come prepared to discuss healthcare issues, new treatments, and why you’re passionate about nursing.
  • If accepted, be ready to provide additional paperwork like official transcripts, a medical exam, background check, and proof of identification.


With the right dedication and preparation, you’ll be on your way to joining the next generation of nurses at one of the top nursing colleges in West Africa. The rewards of this career are life-changing for both you and your future patients.

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