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Tamale Nursing Training College School Fees, Cut Off Mark, Courses and Entry Form 2024

In this article, we’ll be discussing about Tamale Nursing Training College (NMTC), Ghana, school fees, cut off mark, courses Offered, admission requirements and entry form. Read through to the end of this article as we assure you a time well spent.

Few Things to Know About Tamale Nursing Training College, Ghana

You know that feeling when you walk into a hospital or clinic and see the nurses working hard to care for patients?

There’s a sense of purpose, compassion, and duty. But have you ever wondered where all these skilled nurses come from and how they get their training?

In Tamale, Ghana, the Tamale School of Nursing is working hard to train the next generation of nurses to meet critical health needs.

For over 60 years, the Tamale School of Nursing has provided diploma programs to train general nurses. Students come from all over Ghana to gain the knowledge and hands-on experience to launch their nursing careers.

The three-year (3) program is intensive, with students spending lots of time in clinics, hospitals, and health centers. It’s demanding work, but for the students, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as learning how to care for others.

What is The School Fees at Tamale Nursing Training College?

The cost of nursing school in Ghana can be a barrier for many. At Tamale Ghana School of Nursing, affordable fees and scholarships help make a nursing education possible.

Tuition at Tamale School of Nursing is very budget-friendly. Total fees for the 3-year diploma program are around 3,000 GHS per year. This includes tuition, room and board, books, and more. For those who can’t afford the full fees, the school offers needs-based scholarships and grants to cover up to 50% of costs.

Payment plans are available to pay tuition and fees over time with no interest charges. Students can pay each semester or annually, whatever works best for their budget.

Note: The school also works with local organizations to help students find additional scholarships and funding sources.

Tamale School Of Nursing Full Courses Offered

The nursing program at Tamale Ghana School of Nursing offers three courses of study which includes;

1. Basic Nursing

This two-year program awards a Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery. It focuses on essential nursing skills and knowledge to prepare you for a career as a registered nurse.

2. Post-Basic Nursing

This one-year program is for those who already hold a nursing diploma. It allows you to specialize in areas like critical care, ophthalmic, or perioperative nursing. You’ll take advanced courses in your chosen concentration and complete clinical placements.

3. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This four-year BSN program provides a more in-depth education in nursing. In addition to hands-on clinical work, you’ll take courses in health assessment, nursing research, leadership, and community health. The BSN allows for greater career opportunities and the potential for higher pay.

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Tamale Nursing Training College Cut off mark

To gain admission into the Tamale Ghana School of Nursing, you’ll need to meet the cut off mark for the program you wish to pursue.

The cut off mark refers to the minimum points or grades needed to qualify for a particular program.

The cut off marks are determined based on several factors like:

  • The number of available spaces in each program
  • The number of qualified applicants
  • The difficulty of the entrance exam
  • Performance in core subjects like English, Math, Integrated Science and Social Studies.

The cut off marks for Tamale Ghana School of Nursing’s programs are released together with admission lists. If you meet the cut off mark, your name will be on the admission list.

To have the best chance of meeting the cut off marks, focus on excelling in your core senior high school subjects.

Tamale Nursing Training College Admission Requirements

Some of the requirements to enroll in the nursing program at Tamale Ghana School of Nursing includes; 

1. Educational Requirements

You’ll need a senior high school diploma with credits in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics. Having a background in the sciences will prepare you for the nursing curriculum.

2. Age Requirement

Applicants must be between 18 to 35 years old to apply for the nursing program. The school aims to train candidates who will have a long career in the nursing field after graduation.

3. Medical Requirements

You’ll undergo a medical exam to ensure you are in good health before starting the program. Nursing students also need certain immunizations like hepatitis B to work in healthcare settings.

4. Residency

Preference is given to candidates from the Northern Region of Ghana, where the school is located. However, the school accepts applicants from all over the country.

5. Interview

Qualified applicants are invited to an interview with the school’s admission committee. The interview aims to assess your motivation and enthusiasm for the nursing profession.

6. Fees

In addition to tuition, students are responsible for costs like uniforms, name tags, student activity fees, and stationery.

Limited scholarships and loans are available for students with financial need.

Meeting these admission requirements will put you on the path to join the next generation of nurses in Ghana.

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Tamale Nursing Training College Entry form

To apply for the Tamale Ghana School of Nursing, you will need to submit an entry form.

This form requires some basic information about you, as well as documents to verify your qualifications.

Tamale School of Nursing Entry Form Qualifications

To qualify for the nursing program, you must have completed secondary school and passed at least five subjects  including English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, and Social Studies – with a grade of C6 or better.

You will need to provide copies of your final exam results or school transcripts as evidence of meeting these requirements.

In addition to your educational background, the school also considers your character and aptitude for nursing.

You will need to provide two references from teachers who can speak to your abilities and potential as a nurse.

Tamale School of Nursing Entry Form Application

The application form requests standard information like your name, address, date of birth, and contact details. You will also need to provide a copy of your national ID card or passport as proof of identification.

The deadline for applications is typically in April or May each year. All supporting documents must be submitted with your application form for it to be considered complete. Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to take an entrance exam. Performance on this exam, along with your application, will determine whether you are admitted to the nursing program.

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With a caring spirit, patience, and desire to help others, a nursing career can be very rewarding. Tamale Ghana School of Nursing will provide you a solid foundation in nursing and open up a world of possibilities.

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